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translation platform
Translate your contents and manage your channel better with our AI-powered, all-in-one platform for smarter, data-driven contents plan
Key features
An AI translation for every Creator.
Reach out and gather more audience with our AI-powered technology.
  • Time management
    Save time and speed up
    your workflow with AI
  • Language coverage
    We셱e specialized
    in 12 Languages
  • Contents management
    Customized and manage
    your contents from A to Z
  • Analytics
    Gain better insight with
    data-driven tech
Link YouTube Channel
to Kicksubs
Sync your YouTube channel to Kicksubs and gain instant access to a global audience.
Choose videos
Once you select the videos, you can edit typo and grammars of the title, video description and English subtitle. Please check the English subtitle to ensure high quality translation
Select Languages to translate
We translate the 12 Languages. Work is in progress to provide translation for other foreign languages.
Kicksubs AI Go to work
Our AI technology will subtitle dialogue according to its connotation
Receive and publish subtitles
Receive your foreign-language subtitles
Gain insight & analytics
Once you complete uploading and sharing it with your subscribers, you can check the dashboard of the contents - it셲 that simple.
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to meet global audience?
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