Subtitle the world

We want to subtitle every video on the internet. Now everyone can enjoy the latest trends and current events from around the world.

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There is a strong demand for content creators to send their messages across boundaries and borders. Whether their video is about an ongoing human crisis, a chance to save an endangered species, or just the latest viral video, kicksubs will subtitle and caption the videos in whichever languages will be useful.


Captioning videos allows the 700 million deaf and hard of hearing worldwide to enjoy and engage with more content.

Global awareness

There are important issues all over the world, yet we don’t know about them because the videos aren’t in our language.

Foreign culture

There are trending videos all over the world. How great would it be to understand them all?


Improves mobile experience

Research has shown that adding subtitles or captions increases user engagement by 14%, while up to 85% of mobile users watch videos without sound anyway.

Earn money

With kicksubs ads, content creators also receive a share of all ad revenue generated from their videos.

More effective ads

kicksubs ads yield higher view ability and recall rates, effectively target audiences, and are less distracting than pre-roll and mid-roll video ads.

Increase views

Creators are always looking to increase subscribers and views. Adding subtitles allows them to spread their messages across boundaries and to new audiences.


1. Subtitles & Captions

After connecting to kicksubs, video creators select the videos they want to be subtitled or captioned. kicksubs then creates and uploads the subtitles within hours.

2. Add advertise

After a sponsor chooses the video that best helps to promote their brand, subtitle ads are generated and placed in innocuous areas of the video, without distraction to the viewer.

3. Monetize

kicksubs shares the generated ad revenue directly with the content creators. The remaining revenue is then used to fund other videos that need subtitles or captions.

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